Current State Analysis
What is it?

Progress and improvement are difficult to measure if you don’t know where you are in the first place. This analysis is ideal for organisations that want to know where their processes stand compared to some of the best organisations in the world. Unlike many maturity assessments, we rely on cultural and qualitative aspects for our analyses.

What do we do?

Our experts go into organisations, ask critical questions, listen to people, observe, and gather information so that they can provide organisations with an unbiased view of the current situation. We do not use balanced scorecards, or other restrictive tools, in order to allow for flexibility in the information that we gather and results that are produced. Sometimes, the main issues are not the quantitative results but what many intelligent people know, but haven’t given a number.

What are the benefits and measurable results you can achieve?
  • Discover the reality of your process/es
  • Understand how your process/es compare to those of other organisations
  • Identify shortcomings and problems with current processes
  • Appreciate the commonality of views held by staff
  • Receive expert recommendations for future improvement
Improvement Strategy and Solution Definition
What is it?

Combining client insights with our expert knowledge, we develop strategies and solutions that really make a difference. Clients find our support invaluable when developing improved processes, systems of operation, methodologies, and also supporting tools and software. Due to our broad knowledge and experience, we also provide guidance from various additional perspectives, including project management, psychology, culture, and change management.

What do we do?

We meet with clients to understand their situations and requirements, and together define strategies and solutions. We also define the guidelines and processes that organisations require to implement strategies that have been developed specifically for them. Strategy and solution definition tends to be a mix of on-sight meetings, and also off-site development.

What are the benefits and measurable results you can achieve?
  • Realise what needs to be done to implement world-class strategies
  • Avoid common mistakes that could cost you dearly
  • Prevent good initiatives from failing due to premature strategies and action
  • Identify challenges and obstacles that must be addressed
  • Define practical solutions to help you move forward
Process Transformation
What is it?

Processes involve various steps, often performed by a number of people in order to produce results. Different processes yield different results; the challenge is to have the right process for your desired results. Clients often find that processes that were previously suitable, soon become inadequate, and therefore need to be redesigned. Our experts, with their deep understanding of Lean thinking and other process principles & philosophies, help clients achieve the right balance during process transformation.

What do we do?

What do we do? We work with our clients to review their current processes, contrast them with other great organisations, and develop better value-focused processes. This typically involves process mapping, stakeholder engagement, benchmarking and competition-analysis, new process development, producing supporting diagrams, and documentation.

What are the benefits and measurable results you can achieve?
  • Achieve incredible targets by focusing on value
  • Improve the speed and productivity of your processes
  • Slash waste – both effort and cost
  • Establish a clearer and better path of activities
  • Have greater confidence in the process and decision making
  • Boost innovation and organisational learning
A to Z Implementation Support
What is it?

Personnel from an organisation will from time to time receive training on the latest strategies, techniques and tools. Some subjects are straightforward, while others are rather complex involving socio-technical systems. Implementing the latter without proper guidance is likely to end in failure. At Enhance, we appreciate this reality and assume the responsibility to take our clients all the way through to the successful implementation of world-class strategies.

What do we do?

We support clients during real projects to implement new strategies and solutions. This involves attending key meetings, facilitating workshops, establishing guidelines, developing methodologies, providing regular advice, problem resolution support, bespoke training, and compiling supporting literature.

What are the benefits and measurable results you can achieve?
  • Deliver new products and services that provide higher value to their customers and higher project margins
  • Dramatically increase innovation and learning
  • Improve lead times, slash rework and eliminate other unnecessary waste
  • Develop tools and methods to help implement strategies and solutions
  • Compose bespoke training courses and documentation to support dissemination and education
  • Mitigate various project and process risks
Engaged Training
What is it?

The benefits of instructor-led training courses depend on three things: the instructor, the material, and the activities used to realise the subject. Our training courses are led by instructors who have a true passion for the subject they teach. Our courses can be provided either in-company (at your organisation’s site) or via our seamless web-based conferencing facilities. Each course is a carefully-balanced mix of simple explanations of complex ideas, case examples for clarification, and supporting activities. All of our courses are highly interactive and supporting activities include workshops, professional games and even Lego bricks!

What do we do?

Our instructors visit company or organisation sites, and deliver training courses tailored for client requirements. We deliver courses across the world and can respond to business needs quite rapidly. Our training courses are flexible in their content and can range from ½ day to two-week programmes, depending on client requirements and the number of subjects to be covered. With some clients we have trained entire departments in our areas of expertise. We also offer training courses for executives and managers to support stakeholder awareness, buy-in, and support.

What are the benefits and measurable results you can achieve?
  • Instil powerful lean concepts in your organisation to ensure value-focus, waste reduction and continuous improvement (Kaizen)
  • Change the innovation and design philosophy of your organisation
  • Motivate staff to contribute to key organisational objectives
  • Encourage exploration and identification of solutions that are more likely to succeed in meeting or exceeding customer requirements
  • Improve reuse of knowledge with better knowledge capture, organisation, and retrieval systems
  • Enhance organisational learning and knowledge sharing