Businesses die in turbulent times. We all remember Woolworths, MFI, Dolcis and Borders, which all perished at the hands of the last recession. Other companies, such as JLR, Honda and Visteon were hard hit, but managed to make it through the woods, probably due to careful planning and difficult decisions. Today, despite the desperate situation that the UK economy is facing, half of UK businesses do not even have a plan for Brexit. Without a clear plan and strategy to navigate the turbulent times that lie ahead, any company in the UK risks being caught in the storm un-prepared. A no-deal Brexit is likely to mean 10% tariffs, which could cause many businesses to go bust.

At Enhance, we recognise the gravity of the situation and are doing our best to help local companies in the west midlands. We work with our clients to develop clear and robust strategies for navigating through the challenging times ahead.

Although we are doing our best to keep our friends in UK manufacturing informed about Brexit with relevant general content, we also recognise that every company is different. By signing up to our Brexit-proofing programme you will over the course of a few weeks become more confident in your future business and less stressed and anxious about Brexit.

We can help you to understand the implications of Brexit on your business, appreciate the risks that are involved, and develop a pragmatic strategy to deal with different scenarios that may unfold. If you would like to find out more about the programmes we run, please contact us to register your interest.

Do you have a business after Brexit?