Our Company
Surrounded by change, organisations around the world are faced with a simple choice: survive or enhance. We recommend you choose enhance.


This global consultancy firm delivers practical solutions to enhance organisational efficiency. Our primary market comprises of organisations involved in engineering design and new product development. Our dynamic consultants and trainers provide real expertise and practical solutions to help organisations achieve meaningful results. Our aim with every client organisation is to support them with valuable knowledge & experience, and together implement world class strategies until together we achieve success. Our four primary areas of expertise are:

  • Process improvement
  • Lean product development
  • Set-based design
  • Knowledge management
Our Mission
Our mission is to bridge the gap between the research world and organisational processes to ensure world class strategies are being implemented.
Our Values
Our success depends on our ability to develop and maintain positive long-term relationships with our customers.

The primary values that Enhance focuses on, and aims to be distinguished for, are:

  1. Innovation – We aim to provide best-in-class services to our clients and help them to be differentiated within their respective industries as innovators
  2. Understanding – We appreciate client situations, value experience and insight, and recognise that different people, places, cultures, and scenarios need different solutions
  3. Flexibility – Everything we offer is tailored to our customers so that we can provide our clients what they really need, where they need it, and when they need it
  4. Diversity – In order to serve organisations across the globe, we must have experts from different backgrounds and areas of expertise; the diversity within our core team ensures that we deal with all our clients with the respect and sincerity that they deserve
  5. Trust –We have a responsibility to provide exceptional value to our customers in all projects; every project that we engage in is important to us and all projects are overseen by quality experts who ensure service excellence; by focusing on long-term support we build trust into our relationships

Our business values help us to ensure we operate professionally, fairly and with integrity wherever we work in the world. They also help to protect and enhance our reputation by guiding our activities and decision-making.

We expect the highest levels of moral and ethical conduct from our staff and always reward excellence. Our business partners and suppliers also have a shared responsibility to reflect these principles in their activities.

How we are Different
Our expertise in engineering design and product development has helped companies stand the test in industries where innovation is both a threat and an opportunity. We have also worked with companies and organisations across various other sectors and across the globe. Every support project we take on starts with really trying to understand our clients and their needs. This involves (a) meeting clients to understand how they view their situation, (b) researching clients and their sectors, competitors, and customers to understand the bigger picture and (c) involving the relevant experts in discussions to ensure we hit the ground running.


Our consultants and trainers are academics who have a passion for real implementation and results. Combining deep theoretical understanding with experience in implementation, their contributions to client organisations are invaluable.


Our flexibility and tailored services have been enjoyed by many organisations. Because of this, we have been able to support clients and achieve successes without disturbing their day-to-day operations.

Our training courses are highly interactive, hands-on, and fun! We have a selection of professional workshop and game-based training courses for which we always get great feedback.


As a lean organisation, we try to keep our overhead costs down. This allows us to support organisations with cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality and results.

Our Results
Most of our customers enjoy a combination of consultancy support services and training to help them address organisational challenges. The 5 main results that organisations have achieved through working with our consultants are:
  • The successful implementation of lean product development, set-based design, knowledge management and process improvement
  • Organisational focus on innovation, knowledge and problem solving
  • Faster, more productive and more efficient processes
  • Better communication and quicker responses to customers
  • Project and process cost reductions